Wednesday, 7 April 2010

How to be a Medium

Learning how to be a medium.

necessary attributes for a medium :  a clear mind, a healthy heart, physical fitness, an open-minded attitude and tons of patience.

1.  Cleanse your mind.

2.  Heal your own heart.

3.  Present a loving, willing, non-resistant attitude.

4. Allow spirit to communicate with you.

5.  Recognise your own thoughts.

6. Learn to notice symbols and their meanings.

7.  Be compassionate and understanding when delivering your message.

8.  Remember the earthly 'rules' of consideration towards other peoples feelings are magnified when the words are coming from spirit.

9.  Recognise when messages are not coming from the highest source of spiritual well being for all concerned.  If a message is negative you have a choice to consider whether to pass the message on at all; whether to re-phrase the message to give it a positive slant and delivery with a softer tone or whether to trust spirit and deliver a negative message, understanding that sometimes this is the most effective way of getting a message across.

10.  Practice, reliability, frequency of communication.

Communicating with spirit is just like going to the gym.  It does take time, practice, diligence and dedication.  With perseverance and a willing heart it IS possible to improve your own personal connection and open a link to spirit.

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