Sunday, 18 April 2010

Positive response from spirit writing

I have sat in spirit writing for a lady in America this week.  I actually felt a great feeling of loss and sadness as I sat down to write and I sent this experience to the lady.  She confirmed she has experienced a deal of sadness.

I was given various pieces of information and a complete reading that is confidential and personal to the lady; and then at the end of every reading I ask for something specific that the person can relate to personally and will mean something for them.  I was given dancing and a snake. 

The lady confirmed that the snake is symbolic of her Dad in spirit (who also came through with a message) and this is her personal recognition between herself and her father that it was him.  The dancing is something she has started recently - line dancing; she has to do this on her on because her husband is no good at it.

I am pretty sure that from a distance of 3,000 miles with a person I have never met that this information has not come from me. 

Another wonderful mystery in the world of spirit writing.

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