Thursday, 22 April 2010

God then...really just us? the separation is an illusion but we really believe it..

Well, the question of God comes up a lot in the work that I do.  Clearly there is no God. Obviously there must be a God.  The arguments for both sides are impressive.

God made us.

God created us. If he created us..who / what created Him?  oh boy

It is such a massive concept that when you think about it really IS too big for human comprehension. That is the point of course, as tiny creatures of relatively limited intelligence we are not put on earth to have total understanding..for then we would just be as God. What would be the point of that then?

I love to imagine what God was doing the day he decided to create magnificent creatures and a world of animals and gave us just enough intelligence to survive but not so much that we would know how to appease volanoes ourselves.  I wonder if the God who made us was in fact the child of a bigger God who was messing about with his powers one day and just nonchalantly created something which now his Dad has to take care of!, I jest. Of course there is a higher intelligence both in charge and at work every day.  The higher spiritual beings in 'heaven' or the state of awareness that requires no physical matter... a state of grace, where we are aware of or inner soul as our identity and the little person in the life we have just lived is nothing more than a tool, a vehicle for getting the job done. The job? to gain experience for our soul. It does not really matter what kind of experience you are having, the idea of being miserable and a worthless wretch will be of no more progress to your soul than if you are a happy, chirpy person going about their business. 

The things that stimulate your soul to grow are the small events in life, the words you use to uplift someone else who is struggling; sharing love and kindness; taking time to listen to someone who needs to talk; sending best wishes to a person in hospital; using the beautiful mind you have been given to create and bring harmony to the most war-torn relationships.

The path you seek whilst you are on this planet is within you already. The way forward is to notice how you are being as a human while you are here.  It is far easier to walk on the dark side and be negative and critical but once the habit of worry, verbal criticism, self-pity, confusion (just a few of possible negative mindsets there are to fall prey to) have been overcome, or transformed, changed little by little. The sheer relief of knowing that you are able to experience peace and heaven on earth is worth the effort of changing your mind.

Love and light to all of you who need it.



  1. I do agree with you dear Tamasin,

    Recently I made a poem on the symbol of the lemniscate, the lying eight in the form of a neverending butterfly:

    Love Potion number eight
    Holds a promise of weight
    There is no beginning
    There is no end
    But if you believe in nothing
    Then there must be something

    And that something
    Is the point in the middle of nothing
    Where everything sprouts forth
    Where everything is set into motion
    Truly a wonderful potion

    The neverending Butterfly wing
    Where Gods and Goddesses sing
    In their true devotion


  2. this is wonderful, thank you for posting

  3. Dear Tamasin,

    I agree with you.

    I am
    the moon
    the breeze that touch the autumn leaf
    the smile of a child
    the blush on the cheek

    I am
    the twinkle in the star
    the warmth in the touch
    the tenderness in the voice
    the tear in her eyes

    I am love!

    love and gratitude