Monday, 26 April 2010

Colour your Life

Opening the tarot cards for people. 

This is an interesting journey.  The tarot cards present a picture, 9 cards, part of a story.  The cards are really just a tool. 

Before I gave a tarot reading recently, the young lady in question had only ever had an experience of sitting for a psychic once before and so I tried to explain how it works.  Or how I see it anyway.

As I sit with a person who is wondering about their life, they are in colour, they appear real to me, they are sitting in front of me.  Life around them is in a field of ..what I can only describe as a cloud of thought..a giant swirl, like a wall of death (except it is life) a life-defying, wall of life. They have travelled through this circular swirl and every step has left an imprint of their living, colourful self. They have coloured in the picture by the steps they have taken, the events that have happened to them.  The future swirl is uncoloured.
The opportunities are travelling towards them.  The steps they take will determine the direction the swirl takes, it will move behind them.
Every step, every thought, every action, every deed, every spoken word, every intention, every unlocked door and every decision are all choosing the course of your life swirl.
Then you can turn around and look at the pattern you have made if you want. Interesting, but not necessary. The point is to move to the place where you want to be.  If you want fun, laughter, good times, happy families, travel, people who are interesting and a pleasure to be around, take that step. Head in that direction.  Each positive step towards a lighter, brighter, future will bring just that. Life moves on, it is your choice whether to make your path grey, white, black, blue, orange and all the shades in between. 
Colour your Life, keep it pretty, know that by being in a swirl of brilliant colour you will meet up with other people who are living in the same colour as you.
Lots of love and colour

Tamasin x

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