Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Unseen hand of God - a tickle from spirit in the shape of a chance meeting

For lovers of coincidence; synchronicity; spiritual understanding and awareness what happened to me today made me giggle with warmth and delight because I know that spirit is working around me in mysterious ways.

Recently, perhaps even as recently as sometime this week I blogged about being asked questions and about how, for me, being questioned isn't the most pleasant experience and I react negatively to it until I overcome my initial reaction and form a reasoned response (something that has taken me a long time to learn how to do).

I have recognised recently that spirit use other people to bring me messages that I need to hear or, more importantly, messages that other people need me to pay attention to so that I can write about them and share my knowledge.  So now, all going well and with me paying attention to the things that go on in my daily life I try and pay more attention to understand interactions that happen around me.

I have also blogged in the past about how people always ask me the way; I don't know what it is, something about the way I look because people always stop me to ask directions to the most random of places in the strangest of situations.  So, there is my combination of ways that spirit grab my attention through other people, they ask me questions and they ask me directions.  My other favourite subject is synchronicity and coincidence. I do sincerely believe there is no such thing as coincidence and clearly this is a marker, a reminder that spirit is all around us and all we have to do is tune into it for us to be on the right path.

I will tell you what happened today, by way of synchronicity and then I will point out all the grievances, the slights, the things that held me up to make sure I was in the right place at the right time to experience it.

First, the event.  I was crossing a busy dual carriageway road with lots of other people and I was aware of a letter I wanted to post in my pocket, being sent to my Mum; as I crossed the pelican crossing I remembered there was a post box on the side of the road I had just come from. I dismissed it and decided to carry on and use another box later on up the road.
'excuse me' a lady said, not facing me but vaguely looking around her
'do you know if there is a post box near here'
I point out the bright red post box on the other side of the dual carriageway outside the train station. "There it is".  She thanks me and reaches inside her furry leopard skin bag to pull out two bright pink envelopes which clearly need posting.  I take advantage of this spirit led situation and ask her if she wouldn't mind posting my letter too?  the lady happily takes my envelope and heads off in the direction of the post box.
A simple transaction; an exchange of pleasantries; a complete stranger and passer-by just happens to be needing a post box when I, who not only know where the post box is, but am also just thinking about it and have a letter in need of posting.  Coincidence?  well, here is what I was supposed to do today and how I came to be in that particular spot at exactly that moment..

I started my day with my computer on ready to do a spirit writing for a woman in England who has been waiting since Thursday to hear from me; the poor woman has been so patient that I have promised her I will get some quiet time this morning, Tuesday and I will do her reading.  I take my teenage son to sixth form in the car  - last time this winter now the weather is perking up - on my return in the car I have a chat with a neighbour I haven't seen for a few weeks.  The computer is calling my name because I know I have work to do; but no, a van pulls up with new windows for the other neighbour. Oh dear. This will be  source of banging at least for the morning I am sure.  I come indoors, I sit down to type, the banging is sounding like distant drums but not so distant.  I am getting a headache.

I need to go out for a walk to get away from the noise. So I head off, armed with Abba on my ipod and the direction of the library set on my internal satnav.  Why? who knows; it is a 10-15 minute walk, the weather is clear and not too cold and I know I need to be away from the banging for as long as possible.  Browsing the mind-body-spirit section of the library keeps me amused for at least 30 minutes and then I decide to leave the library and head for the draught excluder section of the local diy store.  (door frame blowing a gale).  I have a few books I have chosen for my own personal enjoyment and I head for the 'checkout'.  However, at the checkout there are a few issues.  The guy on the counter is telling everyone loudly that it is time his break and there is no-one to relieve him, the two women workers are busy with other people and the woman in front of me has broken through her £5.00 debt limit to the library. Apparently if you owe them more than £5.00 you can't have any more books and she owed them £11.82 and she only had a fiver to pay them with. Leaving an indebted balance of ..too much to take any books out.  I didn't need to debate with myself about paying her £1.82 because she uncovered a debit card from the depths of her trolley. phew, but all this to-ing and fro-ing and button pushing took time.  Time to put me behind with my schedule.  Time to put me on the path of the passer-by who needed a post box.  Everything happens for a reason.  The walk I did to the library was really quick for me, green lights all the way, no hold ups, sun shining, people smiling at each other, I felt I was on course for a productive day until the woman at the library caused a glitch.  I wonder, if I had been slower would I have just missed the woman at the library and still met the passer-by?

I feel I was used today, by spirit, as usual, firstly to show someone else the way and secondly to be privy to the knowledge that spirit are involved in this interaction so that I can share this knowledge.

The wonder of coincidence and synchronicity are all around us every day and by acknowledging spirit in our world we are shown more of it. 

I thank my Guardian Angels and God for this reminder of the connection between all things in this world.
Thank you.

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