Thursday, 4 March 2010

Signs from Spirit in the form of nature - 9 magpies and a squirrel

I had reason to get out of the house yesterday, to take break, to get away from the fact that my computer wouldn't allow me to save an email that I needed to send...grrr.  So off I trotted, heading for Priory Park, the beautiful park that is currently under threat of having it's trees ripped up to make way for a road widening scheme.  There have been historical artefacts uncovered from a Saxon King in recent years and a group of pro-tree/historians have formed in an attempt to save the trees.  The council sort of blind-sided the group by tearing down trees that weren't being camped on and protected by long-haired, well meaning residents. The trees now have ribbons and RIP in big letters, a surge of public protest is now clearly in evidence by way of a new camp - the old camp - Camp Bling was dismantled under the banner of 'success' we have beaten the council; the new camp - Camp Cuckoo has been rapidly erected with people enduring all manner of appalling muddiness in order to save the trees. Save our Squirrels. 
I digress,  I headed off this said park to witness the camp and the protesters and maybe sign a petition or two and as I walked in the cold brisk air I found myself in my little world of Happy. The world that is untouchable by such mundane matters as the car tax or the MOT that is due on my car.  No, I was in a world that is open to spirit and as I walked around the park I was rewarded by spirit with some beautiful creatures of nature and I am grateful.
Firstly a robin literally flew across my path. The first robin of my year and we are in March. Wonderful, I thanked spirit and reminded myself to be aware of spirit around me.  I appreciated all the trees and the woodland, the fountains, the sound of water running from a statue of a lion's mouth. The old monastery where I can picture monks walking with their daily chants. As I leave the park, after a lovely rest and an appreciation of the beauty that nature holds I see a group of Magpies sitting in a circular fashion around the base of a big old oak tree. I count them, 9. That cannot be right, 9! 9 magpies sitting in a circle around a tree.  Hm. At the base of the tree is a squirrel, a lovely grey squirrel, for me the symbol I recognise as my son, I wonder of the significance of being surrounded by 9 magpies.
I leave the park in wonder and as I walk along the busy main road three crows fly overhead, cawing loudly, my attention has been attracted, they land on three separate houses on the t.v. aerials and the roofs.  As I look down there is a black cat miaowing at me.  Wonderful, all these same signs from nature within 50ft of each other.  Again, I am grateful to spirit for allowing me to both be privy to these sights and also to know that by sharing my experience I will be given more wonderful sights to behold.
Thank you spirit for allowing me to see these images and to be able to share my experience.


  1. Soul Mum..we have crows in the states as they do resemble magpies and the crows seem to follow the squirrels here as well...but getting back to the magpies as to count 9 as an incompletion in the circle but held by the squirrel to make the circle complete...which is Now it feels like a support from the center of all that is dark outside but manages well inside...this is Spirit talking back at you saying that all is complete when centrally aligned...make sense?...enjoy Soul Mum(+)