Saturday, 6 March 2010

confidentiality -v- freedom of information

Confidentiality has been brought to my attention in the last couple of days.  The need to keep a person's private stuff private (even though they have given permission to share their information); 

There is a need to share the ability of spirit writing to allow as many people as possible access to the reality that there is more to this reality than meets the eye, but at the same time, a sensitivity towards the people who are having readings from me is more important.

As much as I would love for everyone to be aware of a spiritual world that I know exists, I also feel that by courting recognition and having a reputation as a spirit writer is more for my own personal gain than would be felt by the world at large.

It is for this reason that I will share my personal journey and any intimate details about peoples lives I will also be keeping to myself only sharing the general information I am given.

Strangely I have also been emailed by a vague acquaintance who has expressed vehemently the need for confidentiality which is a reminder for me, from spirit, that this is the question I need to consider this week.  Confidentiality, it is a privilege to be able to do spirit writing and the information and details contained within are only meant for that specific person.  So, at the risk of having less to write about, I am sticking to my awareness of the importance of confidentiality. 
For a person to share their information with another person and asking them to help is information that really needs to be honoured and respected and by sharing it broadly is doing neither.

Lots of love and light


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  1. Soul Mum..very good write up as for myself I give myself up to anyone that is willing to read what I have to offer you have known from intent that I had opened up a great part of myself even through my toughest times and even helping the distraught veteran that time by telling him what I went is in all a matter of ones feeling to open up but seeing this is the first time I have visited your blog I respect all your judgements and your writings as have always been a good writer and will continue to be one ...enjoy my Dearest Soul Mum(+)