Wednesday, 10 March 2010

3 gulls flew across my car - close enough to make me brake

Well, again, there is a clear 'event' in my life that has happened to indicate a change is coming up.  3 birds. In auspicious auspicy circles, this is what 3 birds together means.  Bearing in mind I have seen 9 magpies sitting around an oak tree encircling a squirrel followed by 3 black crows landing on separate house roofs and t.v. aerials.  (I only mention the black cat that miaowed at me on the way home because it was so out of the blue).

Now, my thing is, 6 months ago I would have congratulated spirit for bringing me these 'signs' these portents from nature that I am on the right path.  Now I am not so sure.

It is not that I do not believe they have any meaning, it is just that I am wondering whether the spiritual influence that put them there is benevolent or of the demonic/interfering variety?

Is it possible, as many people do think, that spirit is something demonic not to be communicated with?  Am I walking along the path of a witch - white witch, of course - but witch nonetheless?  Is my newfound questioning going to change the coincidences that are brought to my attention?

The coincidences still provide proof to me that we are surrounded by forces that we cannot see, but until I can find some use for this information I am just going to acknowledge the events and not place any positive thought or hopeful emotion on them - just in case the spirit that is intervening/communicating via natural devices is not of a helpful ilk!

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