Saturday, 13 March 2010

Clairvoyant messages - when they hit their target

Well, I had my doubts this week about my clairvoyant spirit writing and whether I should be doing it, just because I can. Since then I have had three readings from people who have benefited from what I have said/seen/written.

A spirit writing, I was given a nice message from a woman in spirit who gave her granddaughter roses and a frog. The lady came back to me and said she could identify the woman and she has a pet frog, she always gives her roses as a reminder of herself.

The next reading was for a young woman I have never met before and a lady came through to me showing me her  gardening gloves and her secateurs, she offered the lady a plant pot with flowers and a massive bouquet of flowers.  She needed thick gloves so she could get past the thorns on her roses.  The lady confirmed that her Nan grew roses, and her last words were 'look after the flowers' ; they meant so much to her that after she was cremated, her ashes were placed as fertiliser for the roses and each of the family members had a rose bush given to them in memory of her. Oh, yes, she had a spaniel with her and the lady confirmed that they had two spaniels.

Lovely, it is these messages and the comfort that they bring to people still on the earthplane that have reminded me what it is all for. 

Lots of love and light


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  1. Dear Tamasin,

    Your words resonate with deep love and gives hope to all those who read them .

    Reading your blog gives me deep joy.

    love to you