Saturday, 13 March 2010

Physical work-out is really important after psychic activity

My little world this week:  reading for people is a really interesting way to spend an evening.  I have learnt the importance of 'coming down' after spending time in the higher vibration that is spirit.  If not enough attention is paid to re-entering the atmosphere it is easy to feel extremely low after a spirit connection.  This is quite a normal process and I have learnt that the antidote for me is to visit the gym. A workout on the treadmill, building up heart rate and burning a few hundred calories leaves me feeling rested. Yes, rested. Physically cleansed, energy re-aligned and ready to go.

I am working on a frequently asked questions leaflet today so that I can have them printed out ready to hand to people when they ask me about spirit writing and all spirit related matters. It is to this end that I am reversing my resistance to people asking me questions and I am inviting questions from people in an attempt to answer from my higher self.  Bring on the questions.

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