Saturday, 20 March 2010

Three pigeons; two magpies and a random stranger asking me the way!

As a spirit writer and clairvoyant I am happily moving along my own steps in this journey that is my life.
Having had some doubt this week about whether I should be spirit writing or what element of psychic work I should be doing... I have attempted to maintain my connection with spirit in my everyday experience.

Today, walking along the seafront, with the wind in my hair and Abba on my ipod I decided I had had enough of the music and took my headphones out; traipsing up a hill against the wind, rounded a corner just in time for a silver people carrier to spot me, wind down his window and.. you guessed it.. asked me for directions!

This is always something that makes me chuckle now, it is a little joke from spirit to remind me that I am the person who knows the way. 

I point him in the right direction and head towards town, in time to see two magpies on the grass at the seaside. Lovely. Two for joy..

I have been asked the way and seen one of my favourite spiritual nature messengers.

Love and light to all of you who need it.

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