Sunday, 28 February 2010

FAQ: Can anyone be psychic? peanut butter in a mousetrap and spirit using questioners to attract my attention

Another Frequently Asked Question.  Another signpost for me from spirit.

The question?  Do you think anyone can do it?

As a human being and being full of reactions, over-reactions of an emotional nature and generally just having a human experience I am learning that some experiences I am brought are for my own personal development and personal issues to overcome.  One of my personal issues is really disliking being asked questions.  I don't really know why this is, it is just personal to me that when someone asks me a question first of all I wonder why are they asking me? secondly I wonder why they don't know whatever information it is they are asking about and thirdly.. have they not heard of google.

Then, because of my awareness that part of the 'job' of being human is to overcome our own personal foibles and be aware of our personality traits I then start noticing when I ask questions out of habit.  I think this is really why people ask questions; it is a bad habit. Laziness? perhaps.

And then sometimes I find people asking me the SAME questions and I have to stop and acknowledge that by the third time I am asked the question there must be a deeper meaning to the answer, or, it is a question that apparently maybe not everyone has the answer to.

This week I worked in a homeless centre kitchen and the woman standing next to me through a morning of homeless centre tasks - such as, making a meal for 40p for 25 people, not knowing if 30 people are going to show up and need soup that will mean using a tin opener that will only work on certain tins; emptying a mouse trap and re-filling it with peanut butter (a mouse favourite apparently); washing up 30 plates because the dishwasher is dysfunctional and various other unsavoury tasks that do not encourage matters of a psychic nature to be discussed.  However, I do my best and when a young man walks in who has lost him Mum to an early death at the age of 47 I make him tea and tell him that I am sure she is in spirit;  the woman standing next to me asks the question 'do you think anyone can do it'.

Now, given my personal dislike of questioning (even of a spiritual nature) I put my personal feelings aside and give the driving analogy. It is like driving.  I think no more of it. Just a question.Just an answer. She was not the first person to ask the question, the first person asked me the question during a conversation with a friend in her kitchen, having a conversation with this particular person is like putting myself up for interrogation, I don't do it often, but I do it because by allowing her to interrogate me apparently helps her to feel better.  when the first person asked me the question I didn't pay any attention to it because it was one of 20 questions so it didn't stand out on it's own.

The next person who turns up unexpectedly in my life is a smoke alarm fitter.  The smoke alarm needs to be attached to the electricity mains. Okay then.  21 year old, polite, well brought up young man turns up to re-fix my smoke alarm.  Is it 'naturally' that the conversation turns to matters of spiritual nature? perhaps because I am indoors surrounded by Guardian Angel wishbags in silver boxes that I am led to explain my interest in other-worldly pursuits.  As he washes his hands in my kitchen, the question come to me again. 'do you think that anyone can do it'.  I have a slight nudge from spirit, it is too much of a coincidence to be given the exact same words, precisely in three kitchens in such a short space of time. I give the driving analogy. It is like driving.   The young man not only fixes my smoke alarm but he helpfully puts up a curtain rail with his power tool screwdriver and in return he leaves armed with Guardian Angel wishbags for his mum, sister, aunty, girlfriend and bosses wife.

As he leaves I am so happy to have had the experience of sharing information and being helped by a person who is happy to help without a thought for what is in it for them.  wonderful.

Then my attention turns to the question.. can anyone do it?  I do believe they can. Anyone who believes they can and who wants to, with a little bit of guidance, some training, plenty of practice can take it up.  the reason I know this is an important question now is because it has come to me, not to annoy me or to irk me or to encourage me to overcome my dislike of interrogation, but the number 3 has a potency from spirit. It is the amount of times to ask for something verbally from spirit, the father, son and the holy ghost, the trinity of spirit. So, a message that has been brought to me 3 times is not one that I can ignore.

The driving analogy? I always ask back : do you think anyone can drive? this brings a varied response; from a resounding No! some people shouldn't be driving; some people don't want to drive; some people find driving easy; lorry drivers; arctic lorries; some people are more confident on the motorway than others.  It is just like that.  Everyone can try it but it is not for everyone. Some people prefer to take a cab or better still, use the bus.

For me using the bus is like travelling on a road and not having any connection with the driver, allowing and trusting that the journey will still be taking place but with no need to be using any intuitive skills at all.  Taking the bus can be quite enjoyable.  Taking a cab is like going for a tarot reading and asking someone else to take you where you want to go. 
Using intuition for your own 'way' is like driving a small car; fantastic, freedom beckons and you choose your path every step of the way;  Increasing your driving skills and becoming an expert takes time and patience but everyday that you wake up you start driving your life; there are signs everywhere, sometimes you can take a wrong turn, of course, that's life.

Learning to use intuition for your everyday experience is exciting and rewarding and I am sincerely grateful that I took time in my life to investigate my spirit connection.

Coincidences are the signposts; synchronicity is the map.

Lots of love


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