Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Do you know the way to...

Another phenomenon that I have noticed in my life is the way that I am often asked for directions.

Where is this road? where is that town/City/Street/car park/cafe/shop/estate agent/lawyers.
I am asked this so much that I have taken to carrying a map. Seriously. I worked in Estate Agency for a few years and I have a gift for finding the right road for people. It is a gift, be under no illusion, matching people to their homes is an art.

However, I have only really noticed how often it happens since I have been keeping a coincidence journal. Now it has popped onto my spiritual radar that there could be a deeper message about me showing people the way, me being the person giving directions.

For instance, last winter, snowing, I am tripping down the road after a post office run (doing Ebay at the time) in Leigh on Sea, Essex, in Pall Mall, post code SS9, a woman has pulled over and is tapping her sat nav, I gesture for her to wind down her window, Eastwood Road, Rayleigh? she wants to know. Well, she is nearly at Rayleigh Road, Eastwood and I think this is her mistake. I don't explain, it is cold and snowing. However, I do give her exact instructions because I have a friend who lives in Eastwood Road, Rayleigh. What are the chances of her needing me (the only person walking in the snow) miles from her destination, who knew exactly where she needed to go?

The time I was sitting in traffic in my bright lime green Volkswagon Lupo with three teenagers squashed in the car doing re-enactions of Star Wars, a massive giant giant lorry pulled alongside on the passenger side to ask me where the seafront was. I shouted over the teenagers and gave directions, we all carried on as if nothing had happened. The teenagers hadn't paused for breath and I am so used to it that I only thought about it later.

The time I was walking back from the Airshow in Southend and a silver people carrier pulled over to ask a young girl the way just as I was walking past for me to overhear her give the wrong directions - I gave them the right way. What are the chances?

The old lady sitting befuddled in a car looking for her doctors, she was sitting outside their new building! I knew which buiding it was, it was also my docs. (as I was walking past?).

When people ask me the way to somewhere now I take it as a reminder from spirit that I am the person who knows the way and it is my job to help point other people in the right direction!

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