Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Angel Card Readings and Spirit Connection

As a spirit writer I am often asked questions about spirit; spiritual knowledge; information about 'how to do it'.  I often try to answer the questions from my own understanding and experience and then I sit in 'spirit writing' and often the answers that come through for people are very different from my own perspective.

I feel my spiritual work is very rewarding and satisfying for me when I connect with spirit and bring through words that are of significance to the person reading them.  Although my readings are confidential, in that, I would never divulge the identity of a person using me for readings, I feel the content of my spirit connections are really available for reading by everyone who has an interest in spirituality.

Spirit writing for other people can be a nerve-wracking experience; sitting quietly at the computer, waiting to connect with spirit to bring images, words, symbols and sometimes images of real spirit people.  I cannot say for sure where the information I receive actually comes from.  Is it possible that I am imagining the spirit writing that I do?  of course, it is possible.. but if I am imagining the writing and the images, there is someone on the other end of the computer imagining the same things. 

The old saying - for those who believe, no evidence is necessary and those who don't no evidence is enough certainly holds true when it comes to 'evidence' from spirit.

What may seem like small, insignificant detail to an observer can have great meaning and significance for the person receiving the information.  The person you are giving the words to 'just knows' that you have made a connection and the information is about a loved one who has passed or from their spirit guide and people in spirit. Where else could the information have come from? Is it possible that the person having the reading is carrying out a thought form that can be 'read' by a highly sensitive intuitive reader, maybe that is it, maybe one day scientists will be able to reveal that our thoughts have a life of their own and exist in the everyday world and can be shared. 

Until the time comes where scientists can show me that I am just tapping into old thought forms that have as much bearing on today's reality as yesterdays snowflakes..I will carry on spirit writing, trusting in the knowledge that there is a spirit world where we all move on to after this body in this particular physical experience has long gone.

Lots of love and light

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