Monday, 15 February 2010

Spiritual Symbols that have developed for me on my path

My Spiritual Journey.  My awareness of spirit around me has been a gradual process.  Messages from spirit are brought in a number of ways.  For me I recognise the animals and birds in my life that hold meaning for me now that I recognise the message they are trying to convey.

Is this something that I personally have made up as a way to communicate with spirit? I have no idea, I guess that because I have recognised that meaning can be attached to creatures in nature, spirit have chosen to use these creatures to bring messages to be in my everyday life.

As I journey through my life I have a number of people in my world; some people need me, some people I need them, mainly the people who have meaning for me are my replacement family. The people who I call on the phone when I am in need of a chat or in need or assistance; equally I am their 'phone a friend'.

These spiritual animals and bird symbols did not appear or become apparent to me instantly.  What happens is I have a relationship with someone, friend, work colleague, neighbour and a spiritual symbol will start popping up.   For instance, I have a friend, who for the sake of her privacy and dignity I will call ... Desdemona... now Dessie (really, I am not spelling that out everytime) is slightly deaf. The problem is she declares she is not deaf and shouts loudly in order to be understood. Bizarre, yes, but definitely fun.  White cats are usually deaf.  Guess what pops into my world whenever I am meant to be hearing from Dessie? you got it,  a white cat.  I swear, one day I was standing healing a friend and ex-student and as I gazed absent-mindedly out of her kitchen window a giant, fluffy white cat strolled through her garden.  I knew this mean I was due to hear from Dessie.  Did I? yes, of course I did.
My list of creatures include A Squirrel - my son (now 16, fast, quick-witted hoarder, always a delight); Magpies, one for sorrow; two for joy; three for girl; four for a boy; five for silver; 6 for gold; seven for a secret never to be told;  I saw 22 one day and decided it meant double joy!  The fun of knowing that spirit are behind these appearances of animals in my life, really are just a reminder in this material existence that spirit are with me all the time.
I see a ginger cat and I am reminded of my ginger-haired male friend who committed suicide a few years ago.  He was full of life and mental health issues in equal measure and I am sure when I am shown a ginger cat I am reminded to be full of life and to 'go get' that day.
I am shown a Robin as a reminder of my brother who committed suicide when he was 15. His name was Robert and he loved birds.  Also, the symbol of the Rose has a very poignant meaning.  At the time of my brother's death , to say that my Mum was strapped for cash is an understatement. She didn't have money to buy flowers for his funeral, there was some beautiful red roses growing near the cemetary and my Mum picked on on the way in. She placed it on his coffin and ever since the Red Rose has always reminded me of my Mum and my brother.
A tabby cat - is me, whenever |I am shown a tabby/tortoiseshell cat I am reminded to take care of my own needs (mainly due to my multi-coloured hair).

Sometimes the symbol appears straight away when you meet a new person; sometimes it takes a while; but it is always there. All you have to do is pay attention.

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