Monday, 29 December 2014

Being asked for directions and a dog called Bob

And so it is, every blog begins with an apology. Sorry, sorry, so sorry. Honestly, sorry not to have been blogging more regularly.

However, there have been a few things which have needed my attention and I have not been afforded the luxury of random musings on the computer.

Although, this is a lie, because I have had the time to be on twitter.

Okay, I will stop lying to myself and you, dear reader. I made a commitment to blog about the coincidences which show up, the ones which bring meaning, to me, personally. I haven’t really done very well with that commitment, in that, every three or four coincidences I remember I haven’t blogged about them!

Again, I can only apologise and just try to recall the coincidences which have happened since the last time I blogged. Now, where was I? Yes, I last blogged about  being asked for directions to a place which was meaningful to me, I was asked for directions to the road I was living in when my son was born, 21 years ago. This sort of coincidence makes me happy.

What else have I seen? Well, I saw three black cats, happily sunning themselves, four squirrels and a robin. All of these creatures remind me of spirit and people I know, both past and present. 

One cold day, mid-Christmas, recovering from a nasty bug, I decided to take a walk and fill my lungs with fresh, clear air. As well as wrapping up warm, I do like to keep a smile on my face as much as possible and I am open to having little greeting comments from people I meet on my path.  I saw a few people walking their dogs, the dogs clearly enjoying the cold more than their owners, a few people nodded and often their dogs jump up in greeting at me. I wonder whether I have spirit helpers around me the dogs can see and this is why they greet me. I am not particularly a dog person, I prefer cats, but I am aware that dogs can sense so much more than us humans, so I humour the over friendly doggies, in case they are really greeting my guides.

This fine,cold,crisp day I took a detour along a back lane, walking alongside a brook where an elderly woman was walking towards me with what I can only describe as a tortoiseshell patterned collie. I commented on how pretty she looked. ‘oh, he’s a boy, his name is Bobby’.  We exchanged pleasantries and I continued on my journey, holding on to the ‘hello’ I had just received from Spirit.  I have a brother in spirit, who used to be known as Robert, but since being in spirit likes to be known as Bob. Yes, I know this sounds crazy to the non-believer or if you haven’t had the experience of losing a loved one yourself, but it is Christmas and I like to think of my bumping into a woman with a dog named Bobby as my Christmas greeting from my brother.

I have also been asked for directions twice this week. Well, technically, only once, to Westcliff Train Station, I gave two young ladies directions to get to the London side of the track and then I realised they may not have been going to London. I did manage to ask them where they were heading and they said Shoebury. I pointed them in the right direction and memories of my time living in Shoebury came flooding back to me. Again, being asked for directions to somewhere I know well. I travelled from Westcliff Station for many years when I used to work in London and I also moved from Westcliff to Shoebury.  It is the small coincidences, blogger, like these ones, which keep me going, safe in the knowledge that there is more to life than meets the eye. 

The other ‘asked for directions’ was really more me pointing out to someone where they really needed to be going, without actually being asked. I bumped into an old customer from when I used to work in a charity shop.  He used to come into my shop in Basildon looking for second hand toys for his son, I used to knock money off to try and help him out. Anyway, I was walking in Westcliff (nowhere near Basildon) and he was walking down the same street as me, we said Hi and his son, now talking and pointing all by himself, wanted to go into a charity shop. Well, since I know the area really well, I pointed out to him the most child-friendly charity shop, run by The Samaritans in Westcliff, one where I used to volunteer. He was more than happy to take my recommendation and although it isn’t technically asking for directions, if he had known my level of knowledge in charity shops in Westcliff, he most certainly would have asked for my help!

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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