Sunday, 21 September 2014

Do you know the way? An inflated balloon and a lost tourist.

21st September. Is it really that time already? Here we are, heading for Autumn, looking for woolly gloves and generally brushing off brollies and cobwebs. 

Well, 2014 has brought un-seasonally warm weather to the United Kingdom. Which has probably helped to increase the number of people who are walking in the sunshine rather than driving.

I should apologise for not blogging, I should, but I am sure my readers have given up expecting me to blog regularly. Dear Bloggers, a life has ensued. Time has run away with me. However, since the rainy days and longer nights are drawing in, I am sure this will lead to more time spent in front of the computer.

Forgive me for digressing. My spiritual journey continues. The signs and coincidences are still around, whenever something meaningful happens, I silently thank spirit and carry on. No need to make a song and dance about it, I am grateful for the gentle nudges from spirit to remind me there is more to life than what we can see, feel and hear. There truly is.

Anyway, you know how I do like to be rewarded by the Universe? Not in a material sense with stuff, but by the little coincidences which I experience remind me that the Universe hasn’t forgotten me and my little world does have a meaning, even in the greater scheme of things.

Well, there I was, walking in the late September sun, actually enjoying walking home despite carrying heavy shopping, when I noticed a woman trying to attract my attention through my earphones. Okay, so I am guilty of this, switching off to the world and disappearing into a musical interlude, which this time involved Billy Ocean. Still, she managed to make eye contact and gesture at me to remove one of my head phones. I smiled at her whilst taking in the whole picture, female, motherly, blonde, sixties, carrying an inflated balloon in a carrier bag.

‘I am completely lost now and I don’t suppose you might know where I need to go’. This is actually what she said to me.

Credit to her, most people who cross my path hardly ever explain their predicament or how they got there or what they need from me, they usually just blurt out...’do you know where....x, y or z ... is?’. So I was a little prepared, more so than usual to find a link to the place she was about to ask me. This is something I have promised myself to practice and improve on. To find the link, the coincidence, my connection to the person who has been drawn to me.

‘I’ll give it a go’ I said ‘Where are you trying to get to?’

‘Wilson Road, do you know it?’ she looked helplessly at me.

‘Do I know it? It is where I was living when my son was born’.  I confirmed, that not only did I know where she was going, but the address held a deep significance for me too.

We both enjoy the link, we have a laugh and I walk with her, heading in that direction, which is about a mile and a half away from where we are. We have a little chat and she tells me she comes from Canary Wharf and is thinking of moving here, I tell her I am an estate agent and I give her my card.  My enquirer is heading to the birthday party of an 80 year old lady, who had told her to get off the train at Southend, but no, she hadn’t listened, and someone else had told her to get off at Westcliff, which is how she found herself a mile in the wrong direction.

When she stopped me to ask for directions, I thought I was going to be searching for a link, knowing I had a split second to find it, but not this time. This time the link was blatant.

A blatant blast from the past from the Universe, a reminder not just of one of the most important events in my life, but also a reminder as to how far I have come.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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