Thursday, 7 November 2013

Being mistaken for someone else

October has flown by as quick as a flash. If I don't blog about the coincidentals when they happen, I am guilty of forgetting them! I have noticed the more you pay attention to the coincidences, the more frequently they seem to show up.

This could be the Law of Attraction at work, if there is such a thing. It does certainly seem to work for coincidences and the little events I notice in my life. You know, getting a wrong number on my phone, at home or on my mobile. Has that happened this week? Yes, it has, but at work. Someone called me by accident. It didn't feel special, there was no message meant directly for me. Sometimes a wrong number is just that. A wrong number.What else happened? Oh yes, being mistaken for someone else. Yes, that is quite a reminder of how similar we all are.There I was, strolling into church. I was outside the church, still on the pavement and an older gentleman walked towards me smiling as if he knew me. I had to confess I didn't know where I knew him from? He apologised, he thought I was his cousin. We both had a little chuckle and I went off to church. 

I enjoyed the church meeting, I had a lovely message and the medium was very clear in her approach to giving messages. 

Have I been asked for directions this week? No. Have I had any synchronicity which feels like more than a set of circumstances which just happen to have come about? No. Have I had people with the same name show up? Yes. I am now working with three young women at work, all named Amy. Two Aimees and one Amy. There must be something I am due to learn. People called Amy have been showing up in my world for nearly a year now. I will pay attention and see what I am supposed to be learning from the experience.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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