Sunday, 11 August 2013

What's in a name?

The Name Game continues. Another little blip which appears in my world. Of course, with a name like Tamasin, it is to be expected. I understand completely how people can make the easy mistake of calling me Tasmin or Tamsin or some variation on that theme. Sometimes, though, the variation is absolutely nothing like my actual name.

It happens so often I have given it a label on this blog. It is right up there with being asked for directions. Someone in spirit having a little joke, for me a pause to remember there is more to life than the labels we give each other. I will take this regular phenomenon and use it as a tool to give thanks for my knowledge and my own personal growth and self-development.

For instance, this week, that is, within the last seven days I have been called Tasmin,Tamsin (the usual, most common two) I have stopped correcting this error. Maybe I will start pointing out the correct pronunciation and see how people react. It would be fodder for my Transactional Analysis awareness,paying attention to the response my correction receives. 

There are definitely times and places when correction would not be the order of the day. For instance, during a presentation at the work programme, a group exercise where we had a team of people working together to present a new product. My new 'colleague' introduced me to the group as Tina. I didn't bat an eyelid, I carried on responding as if my name were Tina. Another instance, a lady on the telephone, after a telephone interview, said 'Thanks Alison'. Which was a little odd, I suppose if you say Tamasin really quickly, it can sound a bit like Alison. Turns out the interviewer was called Alison. Although, she did manage to send me an email addressed to Tamiesin.

So, during the second week in August alone I have been called:


I have to admit to having been called worse!  It is just my identity people are playing with!

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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