Sunday, 11 August 2013

Conversations with strangers

Conversations with strangers.

I am always aware when I am in a situation to have a little chat, a passing comment, a social interaction, that Spirit often work through me, also through the other person to bring us information we may need to hear at that time. It doesn't matter how small or meaningless the words may seem to us, I often find myself saying a phrase or a few words and the other person says 'My Dad used to say that' or 'That was my Nan's favourite phrase'.

Quite often, I find myself striking up conversation with complete strangers about the subject they need to talk about. I am pretty sure this is a gift, an unrecognised talent, lots of people have it, they often don't place any importance on their listening skills. It is in the range of psychic phenomena which can't quite be explained, and yet, often this is a great help to the person doing the talking. To touch on the subject they need to talk about.

Yes, I know some people have a lot to complain about, and no matter how you opened the small talk,they would end up talking about the particular problem on their mind. But, I am talking about the zoning in, the specific conversation starter that leads a person directly to talking about their issue. They usually start with 'Funny you should say that...' and then the coincidence begins their story.

Another new label for my blog, when words spoken to or by strangers bring new meaning or help. I love speaking to strangers. It is the unexpected conversation which often brings forth the most meaningful subjects.

I sat in a doctor's waiting room this week. Waiting for blood tests with the nurse. I was only there for about five minutes and I had three separate conversations with other patients. One about the weather. One really about the weather, her easy bruising, her blood pressure monitor,her dogs and whether it is better to have a bit of weight on as you get older,her hip replacement. There was nothing meaningful about any of the conversation, except we both felt better afterwards. My mind was taken off my blood test and I am sure she felt unburdened by having a little chat. The third person in my orbit had a conversation with me about her unusual name. Therese. How it irritates her when people call her Theresa. We had a meaningful, shared experience. Being called Tamasin, this is something I too experience,finding something in common with a total stranger.

Learning compassion, understanding and tolerance. Every social interaction is an opportunity for personal growth.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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