Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tom's Shoes

There isn't anything anybody wants that is for any other reason than that they think they would feel better in having it.

Yes, this is true. Of course. I can still hear people saying 'But I WOULD feel better it I had....x,y,z'. Yes, I agree. The Law of Attraction message seems to be, feel better anyway and see if you still want it. Or, you can feel better anyway whether you have whatever you want or not. Or finally, the key to the Law of Attraction...feel better and you can attract what you want.  *Suspend disbelief at this point*. What harm can there be in trying it? At the very least, you will feel better.
So, yesterday, having a little browse on twitter, I was mentioned in someone else's automatic paper. That is how it works on twitter, you can retweet an article and the computer will pick that article up and then you get the mention. Out of curiosity, I just wondered which of my tweets had made it to a digital paper, so I clicked the link. Where did it lead me? To an advert for Toms Shoes. A lovely little loafer with embroidery and pretty patterns. Yes, I like the shoes, of course, but I preferred the coincidence of Toms Shoes more.
My dad was called Tom and I often wonder what it was like to walk in his shoes, and how similar my path is to his. 
Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.
Tamasin x

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