Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The vibration of God

That All-That-Isness that is responding to your vibration is that which you call God.
Well, it is an interesting concept. Okay, God, All-That-Isness, I know it is big, I know this whole idea of trying to understand God is really too big for my little mind. I wouldn't even attempt to try and whittle God down to a few words. The Law of Attraction does like to simplify things eh? 
What stops me from being able to agree wholeheartedly with the idea that God is the Universe,is my idea that God created the Universe,maybe God did create it from the same matter as he/she is made out of, but still there is nothing bigger than God. Add this to my spirit writing, where I have communicated with people who have passed beyond the veil of death and I just cannot believe there is not so much more going on in our world than we can be aware of. So, even Abraham, bringing through up to date information, I believe, does not have access to the full extent of who/what God is. 
So, I go along with this interesting concept. All-That-Isness (God) is responding to your vibration is that which you call God. What is wrong with that? Well,  it means that God doesn't have to think. It means that all the deep meaningful explanations as to why bad things happen to good people are wiped off the whiteboard. The imaginary whiteboard I use to try and understand life, the universe and what we are all doing here. I do like to believe there is a karmic justice, what goes around comes around, there is a purpose and meaning to life, our soul has a purpose. If we just have a All-That-Isness responding to our vibration, then where is the detail of our experience? What is the point of it all. 
I know that when we pass over to the next realm of consciousness we have a life review. We go through each and every interaction we have with people, seeing how our actions have impacted on other people (good and bad). We reincarnate, we give it another go, we try again. 
I do not believe God can be simplified. I do believe there is an afterlife. I believe in the ten commandments. I believe in spiritual justice. The statement above - the All that isness is responding to your vibration - suggests that there is nothing more to it than that. If you believe that you can ask God for anything that you want and God will yield to your request, then surely we would all be all powerful, healthy,wealthy and wise. My little human mind tells me, this is not the case. I instinctively know we are not equal, we are not meant to all 'have it all', this is the purpose of spiritual growth. Where would the room be for spiritual growth ie helping other people, learning forgiveness and generally being concerned for life on this planet, if we all had everything given to us just because we asked for it?
But, you know, I would rather have an examined life that is less than perfect than an ideal life where I didn't stop to even consider the lives of people less fortunate.

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