Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sharing the same level - being on the same wavelength

In order to help someone who's in a very different vibrational frequency, you've got to adjust your vibrational frequency so that they can hear you. 
And if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not adjust our vibrational frequency down—ever. We would not introduce more resistance in our vibration for any reason whatsoever, because disconnecting yourself from resources does not give them more to eat.


Hello Blogger,

I am continuing my stroll through Abraham Hicks quotes, mainly for inspiration to write daily. It is already there, a prepared prompt. It doesn't require any thought or preparation on my part. Laziness I think you would call it.  A lazy quote that is easy to write about. Still, better to write a little of something than a lot of nothing.  To keep in the habit of writing.  Also, to continue picking the Law of Attraction apart piece by piece in an attempt to understand it.

So, as per the quote above, 'in order to help someone who's in a very different vibrational frequency, you've got to adjust your vibrational frequency so that they can hear you'.  Yes, I understand that, you have to put yourself on the same level as the person you are interacting with, or else your words or help just fall on deaf ears. You are too far removed for them to be able to comprehend anything you are offering because you are not on the same wavelength.  This is easy to understand.  It is the next part which completely contradicts the idea that you need to adjust your vibrational frequency...'we would not adjust our vibrational frequency down..'  So, if you aren't supposed to adjust your own frequency down, where are you supposed to adjust it?

Oh boy.  I guess, and it is only a guess, that in order to help someone who is living life on a very low frequency, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, there is no point in talking about the wonders of life and the beauty of God or anything joyful or loving, I guess you need to talk on the next vibrational level up. The vibration within which the person who needs help can relate to, can move towards and words which can be heard and believed, thereby helping them on their path of baby steps towards an improved vibration.  

So, next time someone who wants to talk to you about something they clearly know nothing about, forgive them, they are just not aware of how far removed vibrationally you are from their state of being. If you find yourself fortunate enough to be having a conversation with someone who is much better off than you, financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually,mentally, try and be grateful that somehow they have gravitated into your life experience to show you how a different way of being is possible. If it can happen for one person, it can happen for everyone.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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