Friday, 24 May 2013

A message from my spirit guide and a free psychic drawing

Well, in my little private life I have overcome more obstacles this year. Mainly the obstacle of being unemployed. I have frightened myself nearly to death with new challenges and yet I have forced myself and I have managed. So far, so good.  

I went along to a lovely Spiritualist Church to listen to the medium who also runs the psychic circle I am trying to join. I did get a short message, the medium deliberately didn't give me a full message because she knows I am due to join her circle. The message that came to me was 

'You have a spirit guide. A very strong spirit guide'. The medium gave me a description. It is a description I have been given many times before and she also said...

'This may not be who your spirit guide actually is, sometimes they appear to us in forms that we can accept'.

This is very true. I have an image in my mind of my spirit guide and I do feel a very powerful energy around me. I have gone past the point in my life where I am prepared to take any flack from anyone, I just summon the energies of my spirit guide and ask for protection. It works for me. The message from my guide was also

 'Don't give up, you are being pushed forward'. 

This is always great advice, not to give up. I have no idea what it is I am not meant to be giving up.  Giving up trying to be in a circle and do spiritual work? Giving up trying to have a well paid job? Giving up on the housing situation? There are many different spheres to my life where I could easily just give up. But no, I won't give anything up just yet then.

I arrived home to a message on facebook.  I have been chosen as the lucky recipient of a free session with a psychic artist who is having an article written about him in Spirit & Destiny Magazine. Yes, the psychic artist put out a request on facebook for a person who is willing to sit for a psychic drawing and then to have the experience written about in the magazine. Naturally, he had a high response to his offer and out of all the people available to travel to London in the middle of June, he has narrowed it down to two people. I am one of them. He will do pictures for both and the magazine will decide which story makes it into the magazine. So, whether or not my story makes it into the Magazine, I will get a lovely picture of my spirit guide.

I am so excited about the experience ahead, I cannot wait.  

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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