Friday, 28 September 2012

Do you know the Way .....

Starting back into the world of work, or 'joining the rat race' as my Dad used to call it.  This is what I have done this week.  Spending hours and hours behind a till, helping people buy their consumer goods and the food they need to survive.  This is how I see it.  Everyone needs sustenance.  Finding provisions and supplies, the basic human needs for survival.  I am now part of that, taking money from people and packing their bags.  Roll on self-service is all I can say.  But I have done it, I have made a commitment, I and followed it through and I am back on a material roll, in the material world. 

After three hours on the till, I head home, change out of my uniform, rushing to get my jeans on and my trainers laced up.  I am now heading to deliver Avon, an A-F33 anti-wrinkle cream, to a hairdresser up by the Elms, it is 4.30pm, the hairdressers closes at 5.30pm, a good thirty minute walk, possibly longer.  I hoof off.  Marching to Leigh in order to get there before it closes.  I arrive to a Barber full of men having their hair cut and waiting to have their hair cut.  I sit quietly with my Avon on my lap, under a sign that says 'No Women' by order of Russell.  Okay then.

The lady who called me out of the blue to order the Avon spots me and rushes over to pay me.  I am quite comfortable in my little spot and it is weary bones that I take out onto the street for my journey home.  Sticking in my headphones, the spiritual side of life could not be further from my frazzled, work worn brain.  A man walks towards me, I can see he is saying something but I have no idea what it is. I remove a headphone. I vaguely register that I am being asked for Directions. I have an inner smile.  Oh. Even on a day like today, that has been busy, hard work, physically tiring and definitely grounding, I am being asked the Way.

'Hildaville' he says.  'Do you know where Hildaville is?'
me: 'yes, I do know exactly where it is, it is where I live'

we both laugh at the coincidence

me: 'you couldn't have asked a person closer to where you are going!'
him: 'would you like a lift?'  nice of him to ask

but no, I know not to accept lifts from random strangers, no matter how Gucci their sunglasses.  

'thanks, but I am getting chips on the way home'

I point him in the direction of Hildaville and I feel my soul lifting in the knowledge that although I may feel as if I am traipsing the streets and working on my own, Spirit are around me, helping me along as I make my way on my new path.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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