Monday, 17 September 2012

Being asked for Directions on Graduation Day

Walking through London, the tourist capital of the world, looking for all the world like a tourist (surely, post-Graduation and clutching my Degree Certificate) someone asked me for Directions.

I was half a dozen steps behind my long-legged teenager who knew which direction we were headed and he was leading the way.  I had stopped to take my cardigan off and drape it through the handles of my black leather handbag. Rushing to catch up with him in the hub-bub that is the City of London, past the Stock Exchange, outside Bank tube station, a Picadilly Circus arrangement of Pelican Crossings, with half a dozen streets merging through one crossing, someone asked me the Way!

Did I know the Way to the Corn Exchange?  My teenager came back to see what the delay was, to find me and another middle-aged woman peering around at the labels on the surrounding buildings.  All Exchanges, none of us had the faintest idea which one was the Corn Exchange.  Still, we enjoyed the exchange we had with each other as commuters flew past us with speedy, determined expressions on their faces.  Off she went, after a humerous interaction and confirmation that she wasn't the only person in London that day who didn't really know where they were.

Personally, I silently thanked Spirit for reminding me that I am not on my own and my Spirit Guide is always with me.

Being asked for Directions on Graduation Day.  Perfect.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin F. McGregor BSc Open (Open) xx

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  1. Lovely, Tamasin...always in need of more love and light...can never have enough...thanks for sharing!