Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Government Work Programme and a New Pen

The job search continues.  Over two hundred jobs applied for now.  Two hundred and twenty to be precise.  Alongside being a Self-Employed Sales Rep. (n an attempt to make myself more appealing to any would-be employer), I am still filling in application forms.

This week my out of work path has led me up different steps.  Steps in the direction of a Government Work Programme.  I had my first meeting with my new Adviser.  So, now I will be keeping a record of all my job hunting on the piece of paper the job centre sign every two weeks and I will be filling the same information onto a separate form for the Ingeus team.  This is not their fault, this is government bureaucracy. This is how it works.  It is not enough for the Ingeus team to check you are looking for work, the job centre need to do that as well. Okay then.  

So now I am trekking to the job centre every fortnight, and inbetween heading to the Government Work Programme on a weekly basis.  Which is fine.  You never know, they may have some secrets up their sleeve which will lead me to paid employment. You know, cash coming in. Money to pay the bills.  Now that would be lovely.  

My adviser is called Miss Crabb.  She is born under the sign of Cancer.  I like that. She doesn't.  It is not a married name and it is not a name she would choose to be married to.  So I guess if her Mr Right had been called Crabb she would have changed his name!  Ha ha.  I enjoyed the coincidence at least.  I also admired her gel pen, which she let me have.  There you go, have a pen, you can keep that.  Lovely.

A trip to the Government Work Programme has bought me the joy of synchronicity and a lovely new pen.  I will carry on filling in forms and know that one of these fine days a job will appear with my name written all over it.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin  x

p.s Did I mention the hairdresser who turned down the offer to buy Avon's new Blackberry and Vanilla Bubble Bath?  Walking home, carrying the bubble bath,  I bumped into the postwoman who had no qualms whatsoever in snapping up a bargain.  I handed over the bubble bath, she handed over the cash.  Now that is what I call being in the right place at the right time.

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