Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Quietly shining a light

You know how we learn about ourselves from other people?  Watching and learning, observing the traits we would like to have and recognising the personality components which are less agreeable to us.  I am at the point in my personal development when I notice a behaviour about someone else, no matter what it is, or how I am perceiving it, I am aware that the observation has come from me, and my mindset, my set of foibles and personality characteristics are being highlighted for me in the people that I am attracting into my world. 

 People who are behaving as I behave and I may like it, or not like it.  People who are behaving in a way that I used to behave, to remind me how far I have travelled on my own personal journey. And I like it. I enjoy seeing human nature in all the glory/frailty that comes from having a temporary experience.

We are all having a temporary experience.  We live, we grow, we die.  What goes on in the middle is the important bit.  Some of us are here to help, some of us are here to be helped, most of us are here for a combination of the two.  The Helpers and the Helpees!  A little Beatle song springs to mind.  It is the same with learning. Some of us are here to learn, some of us are here to teach, all of us will be learning, even those of us who are teaching.

I have been reminded this week to pay attention to my motives when I tell people about the work that I have done.  Not the work with Avon, or work looking for a job, but the spiritual work.  I have two ways of looking at sharing my spiritual good works news and I have discovered there is a balance to be found.  

Firstly, the desire to let people know that I have had an opportunity to help!  Yay!  Secondly, the desire to let people know that I knew what to do to help!  Yay!  This desire to shout about good works and having people pat you on the back, praise from your peer members and man (not God) is really not the way forward. For two reasons. Firstly, the praise you get from peers and man is not everlasting, it is empty and shallow, secondly shouting about what you have done is payment.  That is it.  There is no spiritual growth or spiritual treasure coming your way as payment for something which you have been shouting about!  

The justification for re-telling stories about things that have happened comes from the commitment to spreading the news and helping other people have ideas as to where they can help. Not to mention being in awe of the synchronicity and coincidences which have to come about, for people to be in the right place at the right time to be able to help.    

So, although I believe that my spiritual fortune is building in a small treasure chest in the afterlife, I risk spending it on shouting about my life experiences, not for praise or glory, but from the point of view of spreading the news and helping other people keep the faith on their path. If this costs me my spiritual wealth, then so be it.  But just in case I am spending all my spiritual store, I will try not to share every small act of goodwill that passes from me! This is the balance. Learning to share what can be helpful, purely because it can be helpful and help another soul, and keeping to yourself (or myself) any information which can be of little or no benefit to others, and can only serve to hinder the progress of the soul about whom I am writing.  Are you with me?  Some information is not made for sharing.  I am currently learning to deduce which information is for  public fodder and which is best kept secret.  It is all well and good to try and be a shining example, but sometimes works done in secret are more effective than those that are blabbed about!

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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