Saturday, 4 August 2012

Do you know the way to....

A little trip to the job centre.  A fruitless trip to the job centre actually.  Still, on the way home I was strolling past my favourite park and a little glimpse out of the corner of my eye spied my old schoolfriend, also in the same park.  Over I went, a lovely reprieve in a stressfilled day.  A brief chat about the way feathers show up in the less expected places and the use of a blog to share the information.  As I said to my friend, I do not use this blog every day. These synchronicities and coincidences do not happen every day.  I laughed as I said it, because the idea that I could have something spiritual to blog about everyday amuses me.  When you think about how many people and their lives are affected for me to be on their path, either for them to need me to tell them the way or to point out a road, a shop, a doctors, a dentist, whatever it is they are looking for, it just doesn't happen every day. 

After taking a little picture of some beautiful purple flowers, lying around on the ground, three of them, because they reminded me of the holy trinity. I strolled home, pondering the likelihood of feathers showing up and black cats, in strange places.  Walking along Park Street (not only the road where my friend lives, the one I have just left in the Park, but also now, the Street where I am the new avon lady) I see a man walking down the middle of the road.  As I take the earpiece out of my ipod I notice he is actually talking to me.  

'Cambridge Road?' he enquires.

I point out the way, telling him over the bridge, past Scratton road, across the next little road and voila he will be at Cambridge Road.

'short walk they said!' he rolls his eyes.  Ha!  It is a short walk really but there are a few roads involved.

I pay attention to the words other people use in reply to my directions, maybe they could be a message back for me.  A short walk.  Maybe the next few steps on my journey are just a short walk away, maybe the steps I have to take all seem so much more complicated than they are actually going to be. And, of course, he has asked me the Way to a road where I used to live, when Charlie was small, it is also the road where I am now their Avon lady too.  Do I know the way the Cambridge Road?  yes, of course I do.  He could not have asked a more involved person!

The opportunity was afforded me again, to have been in the right place, at the right time, to be able to show someone the Way.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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