Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A street cat named Bob

My Mum still visits spiritualist churches and mediums, she lives in hope of getting a message from my brother in spirit, Robert.  He doesn't come through very often, hardly ever in public gatherings, but every now and then, you know, every ten years or so, there will come a message with all the information that my Mum feels is definitely from him.  The latest message (a couple of years ago) says he is happy in spirit and now goes by the name Bob.  My Mum doesn't know whether to believe this or not, but name changing is something that she has always been good at, her name, our names, you know, see how it feels, try it out. Why not?

I began my day feeling slightly disheartened about the work I was about to do, walking to a dog groomers to collect an Avon order that should have been open yesterday and for some reason wasn't.  I feel as if I have visited this dog parlour far too many times. I should have given up on it the first time it was shut. I visited, twice, left a 'I have visited card', visited again, the lady assured me she wanted Avon, 'call back Monday'. I called back and it was closed!  It is feeling like a waste of my time.  So, I am in no rush to get there at 9.30 on the dot, they are probably like all the other shops along the London Road, open when they feel like it around 10ish and close when they get fed up! Ha ha. 

So, I have a little rummage in my paperwork, clearing out my A-Z of things I have saved with a vague idea I may possibly need them at some stage in the future. You know, like the guarantee for the fridge which expired three years ago.  So, as I am ruthlessly rummaging, paring, binning, recycling with one eye on the clock, I come across a reading that my Mum had a couple of years ago.  From Robert, the one where it says he is using the name Bobby (or Bob).  

Absorbed in re-reading the message, the time flies and before I know it, it is time to head to the dog groomer.  On the way, I post a letter back to my Mum with the reading in the envelope, to help remind her of Robert, she will enjoy that, having a reminder of her reading.  As I walk past Tesco I notice a Green van parked up, someone I know, out of his area, he usually works in Westcliff.  Someone called Bob.  As I keep walking past shops, car sales showrooms an advert catches my eye.  A window cleaning service has sprung up. 'Bob's Window Cleaners' (no, not the same Bob!).  Oh.  Two mentions of the name Bob.

Opening the door of the dog grooming shop I am met with the sight of the Avon book, waiting on the counter and a dog barking his head off

'sshhh  Bobby, be quiet' the girl in the shop says.  

I go about the Avon transaction, I explain to the dog that we need to have a conversation so he needs to be quiet. He shuts up.

Three Bob references within half an hour. Could this be a coincidental confirmation of the message I had read earlier in the day?  I also like a bit of Twitter, a little random chat about everything and nothing.  I have a little conversation with a woman who tells me she has ordered a new book from Amazon. 

A street cat named Bob.  

I have to laugh.  Four Bob references in one day? 

Yes, I will have to take that as communication from spirit. 

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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