Saturday, 1 October 2011

Being asked for Directions by someone wearing a woolly hat in 80 degree heat

I was just thinking that it has been a while since someone asked me the Way.  Of course, you can guess what happened next?

Walking briskly down Canewdon Road, determined to get to Southend before the temperature creeps up to over 80 degrees, end of September heatwave, which will be too hot for walking comfortably.  I stride in my converse sneakers, feeling the breeze through my bright purple, indian design, cotton top, listening to 'I'm a Dreamer' on my ipod.  A young man walks towards me, he too is wearing jeans and looks too hot to be comfortable. Not only is he wearing jeans, he is wearing a woolly beany hat! 

There is an obstacle on the path, the gas men or somebody have dug up most of the pavement and there is a tree.  Naturally, as is usually the way when two humans walk towards the same obstacle, we both got to the narrow part of the pavement at the same time. We both gave way.  It was like a little dance that involved a hole in the pavement, a giant tree, a beany hat wearing teenager and me.  Got the picture?  Good.  I probably smiled.  It probably encouraged him to speak to me.

'can you direct me to Wimborne Road please' he asks in such a polite fashion that I guess he is either a University Student and new to the area or he has been watching too much Downton Abbey.

I thought Wimborne Road was in Southchurch and we are in Westcliff?  No. He assures me it is in Westcliff because it is off Hamlet Court Road. 
'oh, okay then, in that case you are headed in the right direction, at the top of this road are some traffic lights, and the main road is Hamlet Court Road'. Obviously there was a lot of gesturing going on as I guided him on his Way.

My step lightens, I am still being used by Spirit to help show people the Way. Apparently, I am still the person who looks like she knows the Way.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

p.s.  a dotty cat appeared to me today.  Dotty, as in, white with black circles. A patterned cat.  I wonder if this new symbol means I am about to find a new friend, or someone I haven't assigned a symbol, is about to come into my world.

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