Thursday, 15 September 2011

People giving way.

Well, I had a strange experience yesterday.  Out shopping.  Walking my sore feet to Southend from Chalkwell Park, a round trip that takes at least an hour and a half.  The walk there isn't that bad, it is the walk home that my feet really feel the pavement pounding.

Being a pedestrian has a lot going for it.  Walking past the queues of traffic that are trying to get into town, striding along, it is easy to tell myself that walking is the healthier option.  Which is fine, when the weather is good, as long as it isn't raining. 

My experience usually involves dodging traffic, even on zebra crossings, people drive past pedestrians as if they don't just own the car they are in, they own the zebra crossing they are driving over.

But yesterday, I had a new experience.  A car gave way for me!  Waved me over the road.  I thanked him, I held my hand up and smiled.  Nice.  Makes a change.  A little further on my journey, another car gave way for me.  Not just happened to stop at the right place, but actually pulled up sooner than he had to, and allowed me across the road.  I thanked him. 

A little shopping trip, two carrier bags of food to carry on the walk home.  Coming out of Sainsbury's a car stopped and let me out.  Lovely.  I thanked her and smiled.  The next road, another car slowed down and stopped, allowing me to cross the road with my shopping. I thanked her.

What was going on?  Four cars had given way for me?  Unheard of.  I was just musing about why I was being given so much leeway and a little old man who had gotten out of his car and was looking up and down the London Road.  I took out an ipod earphone. Clearly, he was going to ask me for  directions.  'Morrisons?' he asked for.  I explained the nearest supermarket is sainsburys and gestured to my bags. Although there is a Morrisons further up the London Road. 'No, that would be too far, he said it was before Hamlet Court Road'.  He went off back into his car and although I hadn't been able to help it, it got me through the next part of my journey with a little more spring in my aching feet. Mainly because I always take the 'being asked for Directions' as a reminder from spirit. 

Further along the road a Silver Mercedes pulled up short of the junction I was waiting at, he allowed me to cross and waved me over. I thanked him.  Five times in one walk.  How was this happening.  People kept giving way to me!  Later in the evening, my son and I decided to walk to Blockbuster and rent Avatar.  My son said it was a good film and I haven't seen it, so off we went back down the London Road.  There wasn't really a lot of traffic about, early evening ish, post-rush hour, pre-night owls.  We both approached the kerb and prepared to wait to cross, a Police car slowed up, pulled up short of the junction and waved us across.   A police car!  We both thanked him and went on our way.

A new game for me to play!  Seeing who, when, what and where people are giving way.  I wonder what the message is in that little experience.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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