Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Kaleidoscope of Life. Sometimes the pattern is obvious.

I keep learning things.  I am glad that I am open to learning things.  If the day comes when I think I have learnt enough, I will be very sad.  No, in fact I know that will never happen, because I have already realised that this short little life we are in the middle of, is not enough to learn everything.

We can never know it all, we can never do it all or have it all.  We can only learn the bits that we are able to. Whether it is the bit about how to survive in the big wide world. The bit about how to be a parent without totally screwing your child up.  The bit about how to do successful relationships, friends, Romans, Countrymen....this is starting to sounds like a speech...

There are so many areas of life and things to learn, the world is a kaleidoscope of information and knowledge.  Twisting the kaleidoscope of life and we find a pattern we prefer.  We stick. The colours fall anyway.  Life is like a kaleidoscope, one minute we are in control and in charge and the next we just have to shake it all up and see where the colours fall.

In our little life at the moment, I would say that we are in the middle of a 'shaker'.  A short period of Limbo.  No mans land if you will. The wait for the exam results to see what the future holds.  The future is as yet unwritten.  Words of a song spring to mind 'no-one else can do it for you....feel the rain upon your skin...'  yes, that is how the story goes.   Personal experience, personal growth.  It is something that we can never have too much of.  I have heard that you can have too much of a 'good' thing, but I guess people who say that, really don't mean 'good', they mean 'bad'. 

So it is, as I continue on my daily travels, I have a sense of renewed gratitude that I am aware of how much I have learnt and how much there is to learn.  They also say that 'ignorance is bliss', I guess to a degree, ignorance, avoidance, denial, a rejection of any form of truth and reality is nowhere near bliss.  It is a lie.  A big, fat, lie.  I always believed that no matter how hard the truth it is better to know the truth than not to know it.  That used to be my mantra 'I would rather know the truth'.  I have learnt that I don't need to say it anymore. Saying it, doesn't make it true.  Anymore than the Law of Attraction will bring me material well being.  It is the belief of the Truth, the feeling behind the thoughts and words, that make it True.

I tap the Kaleidoscope of life and hold my breath waiting for the coloured beads to fall.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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