Friday, 29 July 2011

'is there a library around here?' being asked the Way

My life is a little uncertain at the moment.  In the midst of my limbo phase where I wait to see how my son did with his exams.  The future is looking less bright than it has for a long time.  So, in order to attempt some sort of glimpse into my financial situation for September, the time has come to visit the job centre and find out if I am entitled to any benefits and what they are.   

Feeling a little despondent about how things are going to pan out I was walking dejectedly towards the job centre with a heavy heart.  I saw a woman walking towards me, smiling and sure enough, she wanted to know the Way to somewhere.

'is there a library around here?'  she asked waving her arm around nonchalantly as if to say, where the hell is the library?

I explained she was on the wrong side of town and talked her through the Way to go.

I can't remember if she said thank you, I was intent of heading into the black hole of the job centre.

It is such a depressing experience, the guy at the job centre didn't even want to have a conversation with me. He gave me a form with a phone number to call and told me to go to the civic centre.  The guy I spoke to is supposed to know about benefits and he didn't know.  The interaction didn't go well.  I stayed calm.  I pocketed the phone number and headed in the direction of the civic centre.

On my way I passed the library and the young woman I had helped earlier was sitting outside the library. She recognised me and waved
'thanks, I found it!'.

Again, I am reminded that financially we may be stretched further than is comfortable, but I am still the person who knows the Way!

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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