Sunday, 1 May 2011

'Spring' cleaning on the 1st May

I don't know what came over me today. I woke up refreshed, rearing to go, with ACTION written across my mind.

It started in the kitchen,  cleaning the hob led to putting the rubbish out, wiping down all the surfaces and units and then of course the floor looked out of place.  Another wash, dry and polish. Six hours later when there is not a surface untouched I have clean flooring in every room, hoovered carpets, a dust-free existence. 

I use my son's old school shirts for dusters.  When my son has finally worn a shirt out, or grown out of it, I keep it for dusters.  I pulled a white shirt out from the bulging bag of socks and other worn out clothing from the cupboard under the sink and performed the ritual of chopping off little white buttons, which will come in useful.  Oops, no, I may not need little white buttons again.  This is the last year that my son will be wearing school shirts!  I vaguely absorb this information as I cut his shirt up and make lovely little rags with which I am going to polish the laminate flooring to within an inch of its' life.

I polished my bedroom furniture and my deodorant flew under my bed. Digging around under the bed revealed a dusty a old bible and a law of attraction book.  Maybe I should take this law of attraction stuff a little more seriously!

On my journey through our flat, leaving no dust-ridden stone unturned I found some useful articles that I had thought were gone forever.  I found the umbrella that vanished after only one use.  Mysteriously disappearing into the ether of our cluttery lives.  I replaced the dull, business like brolly with a snazzy 'I love Rain' in the style of 'I heart rain'  and being completely see-through always gives people a little smile as I proudly display my love of rain which is clearly a lie.  Although I do love all sorts of inclement weather, when I am not walking in it.   

I also found some guardian angel wishbags that appear to need some new homes.  So, I have two umbrellas, four wish bags and a clean home.  To me, this says I am going to be needing the brolly, possibly the sensible one for an interview in the rain and also that I will be receiving unexpected guests this week, who all clearly will be in need of a Guardian Angel wish bag. 

To this end, I look forward to whoever shows up at my door this week and I wish love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin xx

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