Thursday, 6 May 2010

Finding the 'right' path - my phrase of the week that has more than one meaning

As I coach people and give readings to people I find sometimes I come up with a phrase that needs clarifying.

My phrase this week that has been called into question is ..finding the right path.  Or, knowing you are on the right path.  What is the right path?

1.  Right - as opposed to left. The right path in life is staying on the straight and narrow; the left hand fork in the road leads to immoral, purposeless, underhand actions, more karma,a heavy heart and a reincarnation quicker than you can say which road should I take?
2. Right - as opposed to wrong.  Right thought, right speech, right action. 
3. Right path - the path that fits our spiritual evolution. What feels to fit so exactly that we know it is right for us. Not just from a moral, do the right thing intellectual understanding of being a decent human being. No, it is more than that. Having our moral compass set in the right direction is a start; it can lead us to our right path. Thinking logically and intellectually about doing the right thing can often be confused into duty and doing things not because they feel right but because you think it is the right thing to do.
No, again, the right path for you in your life experience is something that comes from your soul. Every fibre of your being responds with relief, satisfaction and happiness when you have found the ground you are supposed to be walking.  Supposed from a higher spiritual perspective. Supposed from the point of view of your soul growth. This right path does not necessarily involve an easy life, nor, on the other hand unsavoury behaviour, but it WILL feel that you are doing the right thing at the right time. 
If confusion reigns nothing seems to be working, that is the time to find your own spiritual nature.  How to find it? well, guess what..the age starts on the inside. How are you feeling on the inside? Good? Whole? Complete? Happy? Joyful? it is these states that are available to EVERYONE, without exception .  Having your soul bouncing from within your body brings so much happiness and joy to everyone who comes into contact with you..sharing yourself with everyone brings joy, laughter and happiness.  Go ahead. Feel free. Come back to yourself. Enjoy your Life and find your right path.
Namaste people
In love and Light