Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Subtlety of messages from spirit

I was born in 66, my bank account number has 666 in it, my mobile phone number had 3 sixes in, my son's mobile phone number has 3 sixes, my shopping amounted to 6.66 so many times as to become a joke.

I moved on to 777 when the number showed up in my work phone number, my gym locker, my best friends mobile phone number. Still, the number 666 popped up occasionally. Maybe because spirit knows I am dense and not likely to notice the occurrence of 7 when I was so used to the sixes? I don't know. I do know that numbers have significant meaning in my life.

Anyway, recently I was sent a sim card by a different mobile phone company. I moved home and my old mobile company were so unhelpful over the moving and changing my account that I decided to take up the offer of the new number. The new number having 888 on the end.

Bearing in mind my beliefs about the number significance I wondered if by contriving to move myself on to 888 would it have the same significance? I am the one choosing the 888 that has been offered to me, it hasn't happened by accident or coincidence, or has it?

I have had new business cards printed, everyone knows my new number. It hasn't rung since I have had it in three weeks (yes, friends have text me and I have used to it to call) but this particular number is not ringing for me the same way my old 666 number used to ring. The number is silent.

Sunday I headed for our local Spiritualist Church, the Medium Daniel Pitt was demonstrating clairvoyance and bringing through messages from spirit. I wasn't going to go to church this week because I had an exam on Tuesday and I wasn't sure I could spent the time. My family name is Pitt and I had a feeling there would be a message from someone and Daniel would be saying "it is something to do with my name", it was an image I had of him saying it.

Anyway, he gave his messages and then at the end he said he had someone that he didn't know who it was for, a young man who died, aged about 22 and was in a car accident. There was a woman at the back who said it was for her, another woman in the middle thought she could recognise the person too, Daniel had to identify which woman the message was for so he tried to get a name, he was standing on the podium saying 'it is something to do with my name'. Daniel.

The woman at the back said her one was called Daniel. The medium said that the boys' Mother is not in a very good place. She said "I am the Mother".

My heart broke for her. I tried not to cry. I can only imagine the pain. I steel myself and listen to his message. He is okay. It was an accident. He lost control.

I went home and studied for my exam.

A few days later it occurred to me that although I am falsely using the 888 number I have no idea if it really has any true meaning for me. So I dust off my sons school Bible. I flick to page 888. It is the book of Daniel.

I am stunned. When I go to church again I will pass this information to the grieving mother and hopefully because of my belief in spirit I may be able to bring her comfort in her time of despair.

I would not be at all surprised to find that the number 8 is significant for her or Daniel (and I have to go back to using my 666 number!

Love and Light to all of you who need it.
Tamasin x

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