Friday, 27 November 2009

The Art of Distance Colour Healing

I have a healing gift.
I have ‘discovered’ or ‘stumbled upon’ or ‘evolved’ a gift of healing.
How did this gift unfurl in my world? Well, I always had an interest in hands-on spiritual healing. The path to healing was not always clear for me.
I remember in 2007 I traipsed along to a healing sanctuary every week for a couple of months hoping that the head Healer was going to start a new group, as she had promised she would when I started. The group never materialised.
Not to be distracted from my mission of getting involved with hands on healing I started at another church. A few more months went by before a healing development lession was offered. This time it was circumstances in my life that meant I was unable to attend the development circle.
I moved home, started attending my nearest spiritualist church which held healing after each service. I also met a Reiki Master who informed me that she was not in a position to train anyone at the moment due to circumstances in her life leaving her out of balance.
During this time I was working as a spirit writer. I had developed my psychic/clairvoyant skills to be able to pass messages on to people about their lives and any information I was able to pick up. These messages ranged from phrases I was given like: “the cow jumped over the moon” – which turned out to be a phrase a lady had written on a plate in her kitchen, right through to picking up ‘whole’ people and everything about them down to what they were wearing and how they spoke.
When I joined I built a friendship with a Reiki Master on-line who was qualified to give me a long-distance Attunement, FREE. This lovely lady helped me to see how healing can be given to any individual even when they are not present.
As I read about Reiki and the theory of long – distance healing and how it can be done I felt there was something missing in my knowledge about what I could do.
So, I thought I could ‘send’ healing to anyone long distance. That was it. What I didn’t realise was that not only could I imagine the colour of healing ray that I was sending, I could also ‘see’ what colour the person needed to receive.
I advertised on ebay as a Clairvoyant distant colour healer. I had a few people just ‘know’ what this involved. Even though I myself wasn’t sure what, if anything, was going to happen. I sat blindly imaging healing to people I didn’t know. I sat for 30 minutes at a time with their picture in front of me sending healing to them. Gradually as I grew more practised in what was needed from me I realised that the information channel flows two ways. Of course, I could just send the healing as I saw fit, simple. Probably effective, some people in need of healing don’t pick up any healing feelings anyway.
More effective is when tuning into the other person and seeing colours flooding around them into various parts of their body and to be able to communicate that to them. Comparing notes afterwards to clarify also helps to have a joint communication and the link is strengthened by discussing the healing afterwards.

For instance, a lady sent me her photo, her date of birth and her name. She was interested in Healing, she had attended a Reiki Class. Perfect candidate to test my new healing knowledge on.
I sat calmly and peacefully looking at her picture, I could see a pink light in my mind around her jaw, I was drawn to send purple rays of light to her eyes and I felt a light green across the back of her neck.
This took about 10-15 minutes. I followed through with the Reiki finish – one hand at the top of her back and one hand at the bottom of her spine. I pictured myself healing her and while I was doing this I was just sitting at the computer screen.
I also could picture her neck and throat with a green colour light swirling around. As this chakra is usually blue I found it unusual to be given green for her. I associate green with emotional support and healing of an emotional nature. I also picked up that she was experiencing a situation that she needed support in speaking up about something she wasn’t happy about. I also sensed that by wearing a green scarf she would help bring a healing support to her speaking.
She confirmed that she had in fact used these very words to a friend of hers the previous week when she had discussed feeling very unhappy about a situation that she felt unable to speak up about.
She also confirmed that she had been feeling intense pain in her face and that is what had drawn her to my healing advert on ebay. She had been getting bad eye strain and pains in her face.I asked her to imagine the healing pink light coming up from her jaw to her forehead.
She is doing this imagery and visualisation using colour and is progressing in her ability to speak up in situations where before she had felt unable to.
I am sharing my experience of learning to heal with you in the hope that anyone who wishes to heal other people will be able to experiment with colour, clairvoyance and distant healing in the same way that I have done.
Sending a golden cross of light to everyone reading this.
Thank you
Tamasin x

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