Saturday, 31 January 2015

Paying attention to nature

Another of my favourite past-times is to notice nature, especially living in a built up urban area, to see a squirrel clinging to a tree, followed by a robin on my path, I have attributed both these little creatures to people who have meaning for me. I take their showing up as a sign from spirit, a reminder of these people in my world and I silently send a thought of thanks out into the Universe towards these people.

So, there I was, walking to work, on the final day of a job I have been doing for six months. Walking through icy rain, sleet, if you will, and paying attention to the icy pavement when a beautiful little robin landed directly on my path, out of nowhere. I thanked my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides for the reminder and I sent a prayer up to my brother, Robert, in spirit.  

Continuing on my path, I noticed four black crows. Crows, for me, symbolise messengers and good news, particularly of a spiritual nature or spiritual growth. Often, before I experience any massive change in my life I come across four crows. Not three, or five or six or seven, it is usually four. So I took the sign that there will be plenty of changes coming up for me and I am grateful for spirit for bringing these symbols of nature for me to enjoy and interpret.

Thank you Spirit for helping me to be aware of your presence and for allowing me to share the symbols and natural events which help me to balance out the frenetic pace of living in a material world.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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