Friday, 10 August 2012

A tale of two Lilies

Inspired by an Address given by Lily Dee Dolan

Lily was the order of the day this week.  There have been Lillies, flowers , women named Lily and a man named Lilley.  Oh yes, the Lily pattern has flowed through my week.

It began with a Medium in church, called Lily.  She couldn’t be less like a Lily if she tried.  She is forthright, dynamic, truthful, spiritual and you just know that to answer her back would be a mistake. The type of medium who, when she speaks, people listen.  There is an edge about her.  The sort of person who can cut like a knife with her tongue, you know, I am sure there have been songs written about her.

Her message involves giving someone a Lily, also offering the name of Lily.  It is a pleasant name and I am always reminded of Bob Geldof’s Tiger Lily whenever I hear it.  But it was the Address that held the attention of the audience.  Lily addressed her congregation, a total of five people were seated in her presence to learn of the power of thought. 

‘God is thought. Think about that. The power of our thoughts, we are all prophets and healers. No? We don’t believe so? We see someone suffering, what do we do? We think ‘oh bless that person’ and so we send healing. With the power of thought’. 

Yes, this is true, our thoughts are powerful, living things, to send thoughts of healing, love and truth is to be in harmony with God. To use the magnificence of our mind to send love to areas where there is hostility, war, famine, drought, no matter what the turmoil, sending prayers and visualising healing is a small way to help those people who are suffering.  Using our minds for the greater good.  As Lily said ‘you might think it is you, doing the healing, but it isn’t. It is God, using you as a channel to bring healing and upliftment to people around you’. 

What a lovely thought, to be able to heal an environment, a situation, another person, just by having control over our thoughts, using our mind as a transmitter for love, the powerful co-creators with God that we are. To be used by God to help other people, whether it is in the form of healing through being a sensitive soul, or healing through listening, caring, sharing, just being there for people in need, is surely a privilege.

That God would consider you evolved spiritually enough and good enough to be able to pass on love and understanding to the degree that is necessary. Putting your own cares and concerns to one side to be able to stand with another as they share/unburden their worries onto you. Not for you to do anything about them, not for you to take action, but for you to validate the other’s concerns by listening, being, acknowledging and caring.  This is the calling from one spiritual heart which is in need, to another spiritual heart who is able to hear the call.

Enter in the silence, as the hymn goes and with a little prayer we are able to link with Great Spirit, bringing peace and harmony into our worlds. Changing, improving, lightening our environment one thought and feeling at a time.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

p.s. it was a man named Lilley this week who wrote to me bringing the best news of my year, my son will not lose the right to his bedroom at home because he is at University.

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