Thursday, 16 June 2011

Has Katie Price found 'the one'. Sally Morgan thinks so.

Sally Morgan the famous t.v. psychic.  The lady who stands on stage and gives stunning messages to people from their loved ones.  I admire the work that I have seen Sally do.  She gives a complete performance.  Sally identifies people in spirit from a photo that the audience provide and she gives their name and the audience member cries into a microphone, it is all very emotional, and wonderful that Sally is able to communicate with spirit to bring people confirmation that their loved one is in fact on the other side.  I love this, the work is so important as a way of helping to show people there is more to life than what we can see in front of us.

I guess with fame there must come a level of people writing about a person, never having met them, as I am doing now, and a certain amount of judging goes on.  I cannot help but judge though, when I read a report that Sally Morgan has told Katie Price that she has met 'the one'.  I hope this is something that has been written about Sally Morgan and it isn't actually what she said, and she has been misquoted.  I hope so.

I hope that Sally Morgan, with her talent of being able to communicate with the dead hasn't been swayed onto the path of prediction for a celebrity because of the level of fame, attention and money that brings.  Prediction is a temptation, a risk, a gamble.  Predicting the future for someone else, or being able to 'see' a possible future for them.  Is it just picking up what they are hoping for themselves?  Is this why most tarot readings end with a happy ending, because who would want to give the news that this relationship has got disaster written all over it?

So, from Sally Morgan's point of view, Katie Price has met the love of her life.  He doesn't speak English. He is younger than her.  He is not famous, but he would like to be.  Could Sally Morgan be right?  Is it possible that there is no common sense factors that make up a successful relationship and love strikes in the strangest of places?   She could be.  Or, she could be reading what Katie wants.  Not intentionally, it is just the most likely outcome that Katie can imagine for herself.

The business of mediumship.  Personally, I cannot see how Katie Price can possibly make a relationship work with a young guy who doesn't speak English, whilst she has three children to parent.  I guess she is not with Leo for his parenting skills.   It is common sense to me that Katie Price is living some sort of dual role, not just with her glamour girl/wife roles but also her successful businesswoman/mother roles. have I counted four roles just off the top of my head? I think I have. 

I hope Katie Price has found the love of her life.  If that is what she has been looking for.  I also hope Sally Morgan is right.

Good luck to Katie and Leo.  Personally, I think it will be all over by Christmas.  The temptation of prediction got to me!

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