Monday, 6 June 2011

Coincidence for my week: Tammy Holmes, Phoenix and Michael Jackson.

A quick story about my latest coincidence and synchronicity.  I enjoy Twitter, facebook is okay, but it is a long-term connection process, whereas Twitter is instant, instant chat, instant response and people tweet back. 

I was having a little chat on Twitter with a lady who had a new cat and was asking for advice about the cat and how she was behaving. Another lady had lost her cat to old age and was still missing him.  As I tweeted, my old cat Holmes came into my mind.  He has been gone for years, but I still hope that he is in heaven and I will be re-united with him one day.  So, because I was a little bored and out of curiosity I typed 'Holmes' into Facebook.  Just to see who came up.  Well, I guess the computer has an extremely sophisticated search engine and it probably knows that some people call me Tammy, because the person who came up when I typed in Holmes, was Tammy Holmes. 

I did have a little giggle to myself, my name is Tamasin,but people shorten it to Tam, Tams, Tam Tam, Tami, Tamie, Tammy, you get the picture.  Tammy Holmes.  What a thing!  So, I had a look at her profile, you know, just out of curiosity.  She lives in Phoenix.  I enjoy that coincidence.  Readers of my blog will know the Phoenix coincidences I have been experiencing since being sent the book 'Phoenix Immortal' by an author who it turns out I am related to, the Phoenix keeps showing up, well, it showed up again on this stranger's facebook page.  I am not even surprised now, it happens so often.  So I take a closer inspection of her page, the music she has listed that she enjoys is Michael Jackson.  I love that.  I share my birthday with Michael Jackson.

So, I know facebook are very clever and they give you things that you like, and they match you with people you have something in common with, hoping you will spread your social network. But, I like to think that  Tammy Holmes, in Phoenix who likes Michael Jackson and who has no idea of these connections, is just a little coincidence from spirit to remind me that there is more going on in this little life than we could possible put together using a few computer chips.

Love to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin xx

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