Friday, 11 December 2009

My first 'live' blog. My other blogs have been regurgitated from The wonderful website set up by Deepak Chopra. However, I am enjoying the freedom of being able to chat about my life, to you, the imaginary reader without fear of reprisal or reprimand, for clearly, in the event that anyone should care to make disparaging remarks about my work I can simply delete them from my post. ha ha. fabulous.

On to my spiritual coincidence of the week. This week I have had a timely coincidence that really has to be understood in conjunction with a few other events that have happened to me recently. The mystery behind a job interview that I didn't get. Now, as I write this 'story' I am wondering how interesting it is actually going to be to anyone reading who doesn't know me? Do I need to build up a picture of the characters and people playing these roles in order for this set of synchronistic circumstances to have any meaning for anyone but me? I will risk it. I will carry on with my explanatory blog and hope that all will become clear as I write. But no, I am feeling a familiar twinge of guilt that says I should be loyal to Intent 'readers' and post for their benefit first and 'share' with this blog later. It all gets too much,the blogging, the intenting, the tweeting, the facebooking, which should come first the blog or the facebook? phew, throws self in a crumpled heap and allows room for breathing. start again. okay.

I am keeping this short. There is nothing to be gained from sharing the experience in such detail as to allow the reader to be in the room as it happened, mainly because the experience only affected a) me and b)a young guy at the homeless centre and c) a young project worker at the homeless centre and c) 3 interviewers who were left wondering why I had applied for a job in the first place!

No, I feel a need to blog on Intent. I follow my instincts. I am going to blog for Intent and share to this blog and to my facebook. Sorry for the tease but thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Lots of love

Tamasin x

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